What is Heartpine?
Also know as heartwood, only a few old-growth heartpine trees exist in nature today. This wood sprouted long before Columbus set sail for the Americas. Heartwood pine had a lifespan of 200 to 700 years. It is a rare species; old-growth trees grew slowly, some developing 30 growth rings per inch. By comparison, a southern yellow pine today might have five or six growth rings per inch and is harvested after 30 years in the forest. Heartwood pine has a denser grain, which is not in the faster-growing trees.

Where do you get your heartpine?
Unlike most lumber producers, we can boast that we have never cut down a tree. Dixie Heartpine thrives on the sale of recycled wood. We harvest our wood from turn of the century homes, old schools, and barns. The Southern Forest Products Association estimates that as much as half of the pine flooring installed today is recycled lumber. Even the floors in the South Carolina Secretary of State’s office now are made from heartwood pines.

What type of finishes do you offer?
We have a variety of finishes and stains to choose from with our furniture. Our two basic styles are Formal Heartpine and Rustic Heartpine. Both are available with either a satin polyurethane, gloss polyurethane, or hand-rubbed Tung oil finish. In addition to the natural patina of these rare woods, custom staining is available for a richer, darker look.

What type of furniture pieces do you offer?
At Dixie Heartpine, we offer a wide variety of furniture. We build everything from tables and chairs to armoires and plant stands, we have a little something for everyone. Each piece of our hand crafted heartwood pine furniture is uniquely different. Because of growth patterns, grain texture, knots, coloration, etc., no two pieces will ever be identical. At Dixie Heartpine, we use traditional timed-tested Mortise and Tenon Joinery on all of our tables.

Do you make anything besides furniture?
Yes we do! In addition to furniture, we do floors, counter tops, doors, handles, and primitive door locks.

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