“Furniture with a past and a future”

At Dixie Heartpine, we specialize in handcrafted antique heartpine furniture built to suit your personal needs. We turn aged timber into planks suitable for plantation tables, side boards, bedroom suites, television cabinets, kitchen countertops, flooring, or just about any piece of furniture that you can dream. We harvest all of our wood from turn – of – century homes, old schools, and barns. By using only recycled wood, our work draws the praise of environmentalists everywhere.

Our antique heartpine furniture (sometimes referred to as heartwood, heartwood pine, or heart of pine) is of the highest quality. If antique heartpine furniture is what you are looking for, Dixie Heartpine is the place for variety, quality, and value. At Dixie Heartpine, we make our furniture one piece at a time right here in the good ole USA!

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